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The result of 21 years of our research and hard work, reflects in the smiles of our patients.

About Us

Treatment of HIV/AIDS with Ayurveda

In our 21 years of research, we have found some rare herbs which shows the surprising result on HIV-infected patients. These herbs are only found at the height of 3000 feet in Himalayan range. These herbs have unique quality to kill HIV virus in body and increase the immunity back.

We treat naturally

With the help of just herbs and natural diet, we are successfully killing HIV virus in body and increasing CD4 count, patients feel more fit and energetic after taking our natural medicines and diet without any side effects.

1000+ smiling patients

We would like to share that till now we have successfully saved thousands of lives in the world from HIV/AIDS. We are continuously spreading awareness about the achievement of our treatment, globally, to save more lives.

About us

Global clinic was started in the year 1985. After 21 years of research on HIV we have surprising results on our patients. Being a reputed and trusted HIV/AIDS herbal and ayurvedic treatment clinic in Delhi, we provide the best ayurvedic treatment only through rare herbs and natural diet. We have earned a reputation of best HIV/AIDS treatment clinic in last 21 years. All medical services provided by our clinic are considered efficient and effective.

At global clinic, we treat all our HIV/AIDS infected patients with natural extracts of rare herbs which are only found at 3000 feet in Himalayan range and give some natural diets which help, patients, to increase CD4 and build strong immunity to fight with any disease, without any side effects. We work with experienced team of doctors, who have rich experience for HIV/AIDS treatment, that helps us to provide best treatment to cure our patients. By our research and hard work, today we have become one of the most reliable and trusted HIV/AIDS treatment clinics in India and abroad.


How do we work…

As a treatment center of a serious disease HIV, we have designed a deep process as follows:

Understand what is HIV?

We share our knowledge with our patients as we believe that knowledge is equally powerful as the medicine, when it comes to any disease, specially the dangerous ones like HIV. This makes them understand about the disease better and help them to make informed decisions about:

1. The diet
2. Do’s and don’ts
3. How the disease spread
4. Other Healthy practices
5. How can they help others patients they might know?

Emotional well being

When a person suffers from a disease like HIV, there is a lot of stress, social stigma, fear and negativity which fills their lives. That is why we are not only interested in treating our patients with medicine but are quite sensitive towards their emotional wellbeing. Therefore, we offer counselling services for our patients to help them share their fears, clear their misconception and start thinking positively towards the healthy life they will be living in just a matter of few weeks. This helps us in following ways:

1. This increases the effectiveness of the treatment, manifold.
2. A positively motivated patient never leaves the treatment incomplete.
3. A motivated person can help us motivate others and gain faith of our patients, faster.
4. They help us spread awareness about the disease.
5. They often help break the stigma associated with HIV.
6. Our patients return to the normal life easily and quickly with no fear or shyness.
Along with taking care of their questions, anxiety and fear, we start the medicinal course, which

Decreases HIV-Viral Load

In first step our medicine target the HIV virus, within some days HIV virus start getting weak which results in decrement of HIV viral load in the body.

Increases CD4 count

Our medicine also boosts the immunity, which goes down due to HIV virus in the body. By taking our medicine, patients become resistant to future diseases.

Maintains weight and Health

Due to HIV infection, patient start losing weight. Our medicine has well researched and tested extracts of some fruits and herbs which fulfill all the needs of nutrients in the body.

We are successfully fighting with a big challenge,HIV/AIDS in india


New HIV infections


AIDS-related deaths.


People living with HIV in 2016

We are known as Best ayurvedic clinic in india

Today we are winning appreciations for our 21 years of hard work, all over India We have gained faith of many happy and healthy patients,
who are enjoying a normal and disease-free life.

Best Immunology Consultant in India


Best Ayurveda Consultant in India


Best Ayurvedic Company in India


Interview with CNN News

Dr. Arun Kumar Tyagi talking about HIV/AIDS and it’s treatment in Ayurveda with CCN news

Know Your Doctor

Dr. Arun Kumar Tyagi passed B.A.M.S Degree from Delhi University with gold medal & Distinction in Eye Medicine & Surgery. He completed his M.D in alternative Medicines from Herbal University. Having an experience in Herbal treatment,he have written many books on Herbal Treatment, Ayurveda and other health related topics.

Dr. Arun Kumar Tyagi has been awarded by Mrs. Kiran bedi(Director general, Jail Delhi police), Mr. Anurag sharma(C.M.D Baidnath) for their innovation.Being a Chief consultant and senior research officer in Kangra Herb Pvt Ltd,he is handling research over herbs. He developed few new formulation which are very effective in: Leucoderma(white spots), Migraine, Infertility, Blood cancer, Thalassemia minor, anemia of any type,Dengue, Hepatitis B, HIV/AIDS etc.

Media coverage

Patient's reports and case study

Don't go by our words. We have a number of reports of our patients, who became HIV negative after our treatment. We would like to show some of those, as medals of our achievements. Go through them, these will testify the claims, that we make. We are sure that these will give you a new hope, and our treatment will give you that second chance in life, which you have been waiting for.

Case:1 Before Treatment

On 27/09/2016,This Patient reported their HIV-1 RNA QUANTITATIVE as 3664 copies/mL.

Case:1 After Treatment

After Taking our medicine,On 08/11/2017 their HIV-1 RNA QUANTITATIVE reported as < 20(below 20) copies/mL., from 3664 to (below 20).

Case:2 Before Treatment

On 18/10/2017,This Patient reported HIV count as 1497022.0 copies/mL.

Case:2 After Treatment

After Taking our medicine,On 23/12/2017 their HIV count reported as 23648 copies/mL., from 1497022 to 23648.

Case:3 Before Treatment

On 31/01/2016,This Patient reported their HIV-1 RNA QUANTITATIVE as 945495 copies/mL.

Case:3 After Treatment

After Taking our medicine,On 10/05/2016 their HIV-1 RNA QUANTITATIVE reported as 10870 copies/mL., from 945495 to 10870.

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